LF-EV.. series of lighting fixtures

The LF-EV series of lighting fixtures are used
in potentially dangerous, or industrial areas for lighting internal or external structures. They are used with halogen, energy savings, led, or incandescence lightbulbs, where permitted by relevant national standards.
The stainless steel version, AISI 316L, is also used in off-shore plants. The standard version is composed of a body made of Aluminum with a low level of copper, and a resistant borosilicate glass part with a high mechanical resistance and high temperature resistance.
They are supplied 3 types of fixture:
LF-EVA hanging installation with one 3/4” NPT opening (ANSI/ASME B1.20.1).
LF-EVC ceiling installation with two or three 3/4” NPT openings.
LF-EVJ wall installation with two 3/4” NPT openings.
More openings and/or other size of threads can be supplied on request.
The four different sized models (EV50, EV100, EV200, EV300) provide a complete range which covers a variety of requirements.

Quote in mm // Dimensions in millimeters

accessories on request

> Different housing colors available
> External reflector anodized aluminum
> ST. ST. 316L electro-polished cage
> Cable gland
> Led lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp


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