1) General provisions
The buyer confirms that he or she understands and approves the general conditions of sale detailed both in the offer and the confirmation of order. These conditions of sale are an integral part of any order placed with us.
The contract of sale is finalised only after we have sent our written confirmation of the order to the buyer, or when the goods have been shipped.

2) Deliveries and consignment liability
Orders are considered to be completed once they have left our warehouse, AES assumes no responsibility for the transport of the goods, which therefore are delivered at the risk and liability of the customer.

3) Payments
Invoices must be paid in accordance with the contractual terms and conditions; in the event of late payment, the company is entitled to suspend the fulfillment of the contract until payment has been made.

4) Guarantee
AES guarantees, for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery, that the products will be free of material defects. If they do not meet this guarantee, they will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
The guarantee does not apply if the product is used incorrectly, negligently or improperly, or if the defects are the result of normal wear and tear, or due to external causes, fire, lightning, water and mishandling.
The guarantee is also not applicable when the products have been dismantled, modified or repaired by third parties without explicit permission of AES.

5) Cases of force majeure
In the case of a force majeure event AES is exonerated from all liability, and can also cancel the contract, or the part still to be completed, without the customer being able to claim any compensation.

6) Jurisdiction
All disputes will be the exclusive competence of the Milan Law Courts.

7) Non transferability of credits
The buyer is prohibited from ceding, transferring and/or assigning to any third parties the contract, or the rights and obligations therein which are the responsibility of the buyer, without prior written authorization of AES.


AES reserves the right to make, at any time and without obligation to give notice, any changes that, at its sole discretion, it deems appropriate to improve the functionality and performance of its products, or to satisfy its technical and manufacturing requirements. The measurements and drawings of the products and components are indicative only and are not binding as they may be modified without notice.


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