Loudspeakers LS-AP30MD

The LS-AP30MD series of loudspeakers are used for communication systems in environments with potentially explosive surfaces. The electrical characteristics of the speakers are similar to those of normal electroacoustic transducers. Inside, a magneto-dynamic unit with a 100V transformer is fixed to give a max. power output of 15W.
The LS-AP30MD series consists of a cylindrical body and a finned dome cover. The chrome-plated ABS diffuser is mechanically fixed to the end of the body.
A support bracket allows orientation on the longitudinal plane.
The standard version is composed of a body and cover made of an Aluminum alloy with a low copper content. The 316L stainless steel version is available on request. It is suitable to equip systems in marine or chemical areas with highly aggressiveness environments.

Quote in mm // Dimensions in millimeters

accessories on request

> ST. ST. 316L mounting bracket
> Cable gland



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